Pahi and Pelagian Start the 2012 Coastal Classic

A large crowd on North Head braved a biting sou'wester and squalls to watch the start of the annual race from Auckland to Russell
Pahi and Pelagian take an early lead in the last divisional start
Pahi (left foreground) and Pelagian (right foreground) not afraid to use kites in near gale conditions


Pelagian comes in close to North head before a gybe
An arriving car carrier is halted near North Head to make way for the starting fleet
Pelagian and Pahi split gybes
Pelagian surfing
Pelagian heading into the Rangitoto Channel
Pelagian near Rangi
Pelagian near Rangi
Pahi and Pelagian leading the fleet in the Rangitoto Channel
The fleet heading north