Thursday Rum Racing

Winter Starting Gun 3.30 p.m. Be at F-1 Marina by 2.45 to pick up crew or get a ride.

Never raced your boat or crewed before and want a fun, relaxed introduction to the sport?

Rum Racing is an excellent way to ease yourself in. Sailors of all levels from “never been on a boat” to “rockstar!” are invited to take part in a 1-2 hour race “around the cans” on the Waitemata Harbour. Once you’ve been a few times, your diary will somehow have Thursday afternoon blocked out for “business meetings!”

For owners; The big plus is that crew are provided for you, usually one or two experienced sailors or other Stewart skippers sail with each boat and the remainder of the crew are mixed levels of ability, There is no cost to participate apart from the usual club race fees.

For crew or aspiring sailors; The Stewart owners association provide a great afternoon’s racing on well sorted race boats at zero cost, all we ask is the second time you come (there will be a second time!) is to bring a few cold amber refreshments.

Bottles of rum are awarded to the first three winners (on handicap).  The Stewarts pool their winnings and share it amongst all the sailors in a post-race “debriefing” sesson held aboard one of the boats.

As long time Stewart sailor Bill Miller says, “if you can’t organise yourself to get away for an afternoon of sailing on a Thursday, you’re a failure!”  For more information or to book a spot on a Stewart, contact Cherry or the Ponsonby Cruising Club.

Sailors enjoy a rum during the post-race “debriefing session” aboard Pionnier