Equipment Checklist

Stewart 34 Association

Minimum Equipment – Check List 2017-18

Anchors Two Anchors, chains and warps-minimum total weight not less than 58 kg
Manual Bilge Pump 1
Fire Extinguishers 2
Buckets 2 of minimum capacity 9 litres each
Lifebuoy 1
Life Jackets 1 for  each crew member
First Aid Kit 1
Tools Including hammer & hacksaw with spare blades or bolt cutters suitable for cutting rigging
Crockery & Cutlery 5 sets each plus 2 saucepans
Bunks 5 with bunkboards (squabs not required)
Fuel Minimum of 4 litres
Sails Only officially measured sails can be used
Lead Correction Weights




GRP boats must have lead correction weights
positioned according to the boat’s measurement certificate. Charts covering race area

2 Fenders

Bosuns chair

2 Safety harnesses

5 Asst. distress flares

1 Emergency knife

Stove and marine toilet

NOTE: Equipment, for example batteries, stoves, toilet
etc, must be securely fastened to withstand 180º
A Boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with these, and other Class Rules and Sailing Instructions. It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that these minimum requirements are maintained, that the boat and equipment are in good order, and that the crew is suitably experienced. In organising this event, the Stewart 34 Association accepts no responsibility for damage to person or property.