Rum Racing

Rum racing on Thursday is not just about the rum, although there is some involved in the post match celebrations! The Stewart’s routinely pick up most of the prizes at the Ponsonby Cruising Club’s weekly fixture with between 5 and 8 Stewarts each race day. The racing is casual as there is no series prize, but its close, very competitve and no one wants to lose!

Chasing the Leader!
Chasing the Leader!

If you havent raced before, its a great way to learn the basics and spend a very enjoyable afternoon with other owners and crew. It is also an opportunity to test your boats state of tune against other top performing Stewarts or to get a ride on another boat and learn a few new tricks!  For those who simply want to have a sail, the price is a few beverages for the best time on a central Auckland Thursday afternoon all year round.  Contact Cherry for more details.

The Stewart 34 Book

For the 50th anniversary of the class, George Backhus wrote and published the essential guide to the Stewart 34, its history, it’s people and it’s many triumphs. George interviewed past and present owners then compiled a vast amount of information not only on the class, but on each individual boat.

If you’re an owner, crew member or have been involved in the class then this book is a must have! With the original print run sold out, its now only available as a digital download for a small donation by contacting George  he has also kindly given permission to view it online here at the Stewart 34 site by clicking on the book to the left.


Auckland Waterfront Heritage Festival

Stewart line up f

A good line up of Stewart 34s in the Viaduct on the first weekend of October.

Stewart line up a

The show was part of the Auckland Waterfront Heritage Festival and acknowledged the contributions of Bob Stewart and Jack Brooke to Auckland yachting.

A few yarns were spun by past S34 crews who just ‘happened to be passing.’