The Association

The Stewart 34 Owners Association represents the interests of the owners of the Stewart 34 class yachts and organises an annual summer series of Stewart 34-only windward/leeward racing on the Waitmata Harbour as well as various other racing, cruising and social events for Stewart 34 owners.

The Stewart 34 Class Constitution

Membership in the Stewart 34 Association is open to all Stewart 34 owners.  Associate membership  is open to crew, family, friends or anyone interested in the Stewart 34 Class yachts.

Annual owners subscription is $50  and associate membership is $25 payable at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. Payment may also be made by direct deposit-contact the association

Class Officers
President Paul Groom                         Psyche II

Vice President Mark McNicol          Passion

Secretary/Treasurer Neil Heath     Precedent

2017/2018 Committee

Brett Henshaw            Prince Hal

Bill Falconer                  Princess

Mark Taylor                   Pahi

Guy Pilkington            Playbuoy

David Lepelley            Pride

Grant Barker                Paprika

Wayne Boberg           Phyler

Mike Adeane               Psychic

Class Measurers

Neil Heath                 Precedent

Bill Falconer              Princess

Mike Maguire          Partisan

Colin Sugden           Patrician

Steve Kingston      Independent Outside Measurer